Принтер the makergear mosaic 3d купить

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23.02.2017 MIKE BASFORD

Lm uu s help on all axis s lots of great thingys to upgrade a prusa. What interface on the makergear?

21.02.2017 Allen Jeter

So the makergear electronics is arduino mega compatible and is running a modified version of the marlin firmware. Wich means you can use your preferred software. I am using pronterface and slic r.

18.02.2017 Robert Boerner

That was a very useful and informative video. There seems to be a lack of reviews of the makergear products despite their great reputation so this was a nice find. I appreciate the flashlight to highlight certain features. Can you do a follow up video to show off some of the completed parts you have printed?

16.02.2017 macsboost

Thanks for the video, just ordered my m assembled. . Is the chassis aluminum or stainless? If stainless i may upgrade to the polished!

14.02.2017 Allen Jeter

It is stainless and the polished is very nice.

12.02.2017 Tom Lombardi

Great video! I ve been using a makerbot thing o matic since it came available and was looking at their new replicator , i think you might have changed my mind! ! That looks and prints beautiful. Does it use repg? What is the top speed if i want to do a draft print? Thanks.

09.02.2017 Colin MacKenzie

It seems like the build platform only being supported on one side would be somewhat flimsy, slanted down by a few mils, or possibly vibrate as the build axis went up or down. Do you find this is the case or not? There is a lot of weight held out there with the second axis gear and all that aluminum. I don t know.

07.02.2017 AwesomeCAD

Are you happy with this printer overall? Any issues with it? Also have you tested it with abs? If so what what it like? Any curling or cracking issues? Thanks a very nice video!

05.02.2017 mike mun

Why use paper clips on the build platform

03.02.2017 Colin MacKenzie

True. True.

01.02.2017 William Mann

Are you a mechanical engineer? Great video.

29.01.2017 Shockszzbyyous

Any ideas on heatbed? I have no problem heating it though but i feel like my headbed wobles in the y or x. And i really think the springs are the problem but i don t really dare to remove the springs though.

27.01.2017 met3ebKSA

Im planning to order an m this week, what do you think about it? Is yours still working fine?