Краска для принтера epson l800 купить

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14.10.2017 Alessandro Zoppi

Excuse me, by degrees what do you mean? Fahrenheits i hope. . Because here in italy i cannot find a so powerful press. . Here at maximum they reach c. . . Sorry for my probably silly question but i have to be sure. . .

12.10.2017 Francis Tran

What software did you use to design?

09.10.2017 Nikko DTG

Those came out great

07.10.2017 TheoryNBT

Do you still recommend the espon wf ? I was looking to purchase one today but it ships in months via amazon. Can you recommend a comparable sublimation printer at a similar price point? Thanks in advance and great video!

05.10.2017 EAD Customs

Does the socks form stay stretched out like that? The design was great but it would be nice if you could some how keep the elasticity and original form of the sock.

03.10.2017 Duglas Reynoso

What kind of ink are u using and where you buy them?

01.10.2017 Boom Socka Locka

We use this technique also its great!

28.09.2017 gvalentine102

Can i do this on sequins?


Great video! Where can i buy those socks in bulk?

25.09.2017 J Y • 5 Hours

Where can i buy the heat transfer paper

23.09.2017 jesus talavera

Awesome video by the way just wondering can you use the graphics more then once or do you have to print out a new set every time and how long will the graphics last be for you cant press it any more

20.09.2017 Jean Lalanne

What size heatpress did you use in the video?

19.09.2017 Kevin Jeffan

Hi can you tell me where did you buy the ciss kit for epson , because last time when i bought my ciss kit, everytime i want to print something it always said error, cartridge not recognize.

18.09.2017 Da Douss11

Do you have this templates f or ilustrador? I would like to one like your but we our logo

15.09.2017 Dannii Pedroza

In this video, what size paper did you use to print your design for your socks?

13.09.2017 carlos T

Why is it that one side gets lighter than the other side?

12.09.2017 Alex Smith

Hi i am interested in the equipment you use and would love to discuss your design techniques, years in the business and industry forecast. My email is ajsmith . Com hopefully we can connect!

09.09.2017 Stephen Schulz


08.09.2017 Sami Rafi

Very impressive great job!

07.09.2017 Stephen D

You re awesome. Great video.