Купить картридж на принтер кэнон 2700

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17.03.2017 danz409

If only this video had sound. . . Was checking everything wandering wtf is wrong before relizeing the video is soundless.

14.03.2017 Brama Hispania S.L.

I do not put sound in the videos, only subtitles. That way, people can watch the videos in work without worrying about sound blasting out.

12.03.2017 slarti bartfast

Unfortunately no sound plus spanish subs means i still don t find this useful.

09.03.2017 ThePellecan

Thanks, you did a good job! I noticed you took the gloves off. . . I know you do not worry because you are careful! Thanks again. Now i need to go buy the kit.

08.03.2017 SkunkARificComputer

I totally understand the silence in the videos, but also remember that it makes people check their settings, as did i. You might want to edit your videos by adding a notice that the video has no sound. You can do this after the video is uploaded, e. G. This one.

06.03.2017 pjsplace53

No sound is not helpful

04.03.2017 Brama Hispania S.L.

Sorry about the no sound. I am workin on a new video. It will be available soon.

03.03.2017 Elisabeth425

Again no sound make video not useful sorry

01.03.2017 Zalman Lazkovich

Excellent video! No need for sound. Subtitles are better than sound. Everything is absolutely clear, very accurately and precisely done. Thanks a lot.

26.02.2017 MSRAVEN

Great! ! ! Sound wasnt necessary thank you

24.02.2017 primularchangel

By drilling the holes out and making them larger to fit a large needle you increase the risk of the tanks leaking inside the printer and all over what you are printing. . And it wastes the ink. . . You do not need to drill holes into them if you can get your hands on some very small needles like that is use at the doctors office and such. . The needles are small enough to fit right into the factory fill holes. And fills the tank in seconds with no mess at all. . If you can not get your hands on these needles then doing it the way they show in the video is for you. . But try and get the small needles and you will have a much cleaner refill. .

23.02.2017 Frederick Wan

You do not need to make the hole larger. Just use an insulin type syringe and needle. The needle is smaller than the air hole.

20.02.2017 Bhaskar Aware

Where do get all this?

19.02.2017 Abraham Babalola

What amount of each color is recommended for cl xl?