Купить чернила inkbank для принтера epson l800

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05.10.2017 Somkiet Phaloprakarn

Normally there is a red light on and please press that button consecutively until the ink cartridge moves to a location that you just press a lever at the ink cartridge. Then the cartridge will move to and fro and the ink will be charged into the empty ink cable. Also, it may be necessary to to clean the printher head several times. Be sure that the cover at each ink tank is open, otherwise it will not work because it is air tight.

03.10.2017 Gemunu Wirasinghe

When print heads are cleaned a large amount of ink is lost through the outlet pipe and flows into a large area of my room. Is it a malfunction? Although a lot of read ink is lost, the print outs do not show any red colour. Could you please answer

02.10.2017 Lion Vijay Rupchandani

Hi can we print plastic id card with this printer

30.09.2017 om patil

Epson printer t how to maintain sir, plz

27.09.2017 Nicom Anuwat

Epson t