Картридж для принтера самсунг ml 2160 купить

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19.10.2017 Gloomy Sunday

A useful how to video, thanks a lot. But i think it s better to wear rubber gloves and be more careful when dealing with that ink powder because may be, i m not sure, it has a harmful effect if a relatively big amount contacted the skin in it s crude form

18.10.2017 bluejeans98

Toner ink is carcenagenic. So would not advise doing refills without a face mask and gloves.

16.10.2017 Daniel Espejo

No es cancerigeno es polvo no quimico quimico es el que usa la samsung

13.10.2017 Chase Flanigan

I think i am going to throw up

11.10.2017 Jove Hwang

Stop moving around, make another video

09.10.2017 djsudi

Please remove this video while you have no any idea how to make a film. Why are you jumping here and there? Even a child can held a camera better than you. Are you working or doing hand practis?

07.10.2017 Mike Mcgraw

Thanks, but your dvr sunglasses make your piicture move and jump around a lot. . . Hard to watch.

04.10.2017 upul gamage

I reffiling toner but printing light

01.10.2017 TheDerek47

Can you do a video where you use the hole making device for this particular cartridge?

30.09.2017 parthiv kansagra


28.09.2017 Triyambakesh Mohanty

Your video is the worst video ever seen. . Unfocussed one.

26.09.2017 Seyed Jalal Azad

Very bad quality