Бумага для принтера цветная купить

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14.10.2017 XXCoder

Sigh yet another channel that d be great for me if it was captioned.

13.10.2017 GPTO

Its pinhead cousin

11.10.2017 Player Name

He s embarrassed about his build size.

09.10.2017 smokeydops

Can it print overhangs? ?

08.10.2017 JD Harding

Now we just need a d printer that we can shove a tree into and it ll print paper objects. Cut out the paper dependency entirely.

07.10.2017 it's time to stop

I didn t know dr. Evil was so rich.

05.10.2017 Oeve Geypen

As if they dont cut enouph trees allready!

02.10.2017 David Huha

I don t want to see they talk. I want to see how it prints.

30.09.2017 Adrian Bigs

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28.09.2017 Bararara Bororor

Bogus. Real price is now ,

26.09.2017 Lyu Shvec

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25.09.2017 Salty Dog889

So much for a paperless future. . Going forward backwards.

23.09.2017 Panu Allright

This ok http m. Ebay. Com itm the best qidi tech fdm d printer with high quality upgraded motherboard ? Hash item d b f ag ael aaoswlzdws dq trkparms pageci a cc a d e a a c cparentrq a c e a f ffbe fda ciid a

20.09.2017 Toy Gun

I wanna know if this can make counterfeit money? ?

19.09.2017 Jayson Nickols

So basically this is a very expensive digital paper mache machine?

17.09.2017 NathanBrutal

When i can afford this it will be cheaper.

15.09.2017 Jabawib

Cool, a new way to waste paper!

12.09.2017 Robert Pirlot

It s funny how old school paper becomes new.