Купить картриджи на принтер hp deskjet 2050а

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06.03.2017 Cinthyaa ChCa

Oh! Thanks! Fue de mucha ayuda para m

05.03.2017 Manuel Angós

Hi. My deskjet f shows an e error. There is no paper jam and the cartridge doesnt center when i turn the printer on. Its like if the cartridge doesnt recognize the centre point. Can you help me, please?

02.03.2017 Kevin Ramirez

Thanks alot for the video has pretty usefull, now i can print!

01.03.2017 Yalia Vásquez

Gracias. . . Me fue muy til!

27.02.2017 Mohammed Gomaa

Thanks for the supporting

25.02.2017 Shorif Uddin Al Mahamud

How to reset hp deskjet . My printer can not able to find black cartridge, though it s ok. What can i do now. . . ! !

23.02.2017 mausam dahal

I have followed all the methods you showed but none of worked. The problem is my printer doesn t print anything at all. What to do? Please help me

21.02.2017 Alcy Alegria

I followed all methods but carraige poor connection please how to fix it

20.02.2017 x-x-x X-X-X

When i print the paper jams at an agle where half of paper in as it enters the printer

17.02.2017 samuel abada

My hp deskjet ink advantage do not recognize the hp ink cartridge as a replacement for hp ink cartridge, it is printed to the box when i bought it. Theres no stock of hp so i tried the to no avail. . . Whats with the product?

15.02.2017 ananthraj kanaga

Hai sir, when i connect the power cord all the lights are blinking and it is not starting up. Please help me?

12.02.2017 Samara Ewens

Hello, i followed all the steps but nothing worked. On the screen the ink levels are blinking at the same time and theres also a letter c blinking. Please help.

11.02.2017 ushakiran school

Can i fill catridges with ink of my own is it safe

10.02.2017 Mickaella Joyce Dumayag

Well my problem is the ink cartridge is not moving. Its frozen in the middle someone help me

07.02.2017 Q t Luna

Thank you, i followed the steps and my printer is up and running again

05.02.2017 Fair and Honest Al

Well my problem is that the printer still will print but this message always come up before it goes to work. The printing it does continues to be good to excellent? ? ? ?

03.02.2017 Imam Hasan

Every time when i try to print the printer software opens a dialog box written door open but i shut the door care full many times but still the problem shows. . Plz help me to solve the problem. .

01.02.2017 Sayed Ali

It seems a paper is jammed in the backside of my printer, but i cannot remove it. . How do i do it?

30.01.2017 Rosalie Duray

I am so happy that you were able to fix my problem

27.01.2017 Camille Gourley

When i open the cartridge access door, the cartridges never center. They go left and right to each end, but never center. I don t know how to clear out the error!