Снпч для мфу hp deskjet ink advantage 3525 купить

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03.03.2017 Victor Bada

Unfortunately it did not work for me

01.03.2017 Sophie Morgan

My carriage doesn t move at all when i lift the two sides of the printer up to reveal the insides. What should i do?

27.02.2017 Sue Brown

Did not work at all. After wasting all that time going through each step, this month old printer that has hardly ever been used still isn t working. . . Making a weirder than normal sound and i can t even get the control panel screen to show anything but clear carriage jam

25.02.2017 Michelle Lynch

I ve had of these printers in the last months and each time i ve had this carriage jam issue. I have tried over and over to fix it and have ended up having to buy a new printer each time. It just happened again and i can t get it to work so i will be buying a new printer and it will not be an hp!

23.02.2017 Abdullah Almunifi

The message carriage jam keeps popping up. I live in saudi arabia there is no hp services.

22.02.2017 Coghill6

What drivel, if the carriage is jammed it s jammed, you can not move it manually, you can t carry out any of the other steps suggested because you can not get rid of the error message. Don t waste your money on this printer, my second one in a year has failed, both times carriage jam, the only way to move it is with a large hammer. Hp know all about this fault but really don t care, it s a con.

20.02.2017 Felipe Systello

My printer dont give me any options! ! ! ! I already did tha all steps of the video but i get the only msg on my printer and computer screen carriage jam, clear carriage jam. I try to open the lid to move the printing cards but they dont move! There is nothing blocking the carriage way and its start to happen today! ! Just wen i really need! ! ! ! Please there is any way to restart the system and try to trun on without this msg! ! ! !

18.02.2017 Kenny McAlpine

Every time i switch on my printer, when it is starting up it makes a loud juddering noise and says clear carriage jam but there is nothing in it. Once i ok it, it just repeats the same. It is a brand new printer and is only the second time i have used it. The juddering is coming from underneath the right hand side, but i can t see what is causing it.

16.02.2017 Aliza M.

Thanks soo much! ! This totally saved my life! ! Off to print my assignment! !

15.02.2017 Jesper van dijk

I have a small problem, the printer itself works fine however i need to change two cartridges but when i open the lid the carriage cartridge carry does not show up and i can t reach the cartridges. What to do? Thank you!

13.02.2017 Erika P.

Hp this video was in no way helpful. You literally spent over minutes looking for little pieces of paper! For everyone else, if the problem is that the carriage won t move all the way to the right, or if your carriage is stuck on the right, it might be that black piece that is under the carriage on the right is catching on the ink carriage. The piece has a inked sponge like square on it, just fyi. What i did was manually move the ink carriage to the left. Mine resisted a lot. Once it was moved out of the way, i then wiggled the black piece a bit to kind of un catch it from what ever it was caught on and then moved it up not out to get it out of the way of the carriages path. It now works. Obviously, do this at your own risk. I was at the point that i was going to throw the printer off my balcony so i really didn t care if i accidentally broke a piece.

11.02.2017 Lorenzo Arredondo

This video wasted so much time telling me over and over to try printing printer status. This didn t resolve my issue. What is wrong with hp printers, they just jam up and can t be resolved. Second time in a printer in the last several years.

09.02.2017 Ivan Sivak

You guys just lost another customer. Never again will i buy your products.

07.02.2017 Paul N_dy

Bug off!

06.02.2017 Clarisse Gamble

This video did not address my issue. Cartridges are in, computer keeps telling me printer is in pause position, i click resume, but nothing happens. . Help! ! ! ! I do not have paper or carriage jams

05.02.2017 Dunja Nemedi

My cartridge are not moving help?

03.02.2017 HP Printer Support

See if this will help, and be very thorough when checking for any debris. A carriage jam message displays for hp deskjet e all in one and hp deskjet ink advantage e all in one printer series http ow. Ly bfrd te j .

01.02.2017 DH_lewis7

Help! My carriage will not move into the position where i can access the ink cartridges!

31.01.2017 Eighpriel Seba

The carrige itself is not coming out when i am opening the ink cartridge access door. What will i do? I really need to fix this before the week end. Please help me.

28.01.2017 william gaddie

I had the black ink cartridge leak a mess below the carriage. Cant seem to get the carriage jam to go away!