Купить лазерный цветной мфу самсунг

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25.02.2017 echoota

Very informative video, especially with the manual feed, and so timely, thank you. Hopefully people searching for samsung clp will see this so they can get the latest version of this class of printer.

23.02.2017 Bo Knows

Looking for something for home use, tired of inkjet drying out, with pricey replacements, can u refill these? ? Ive seen videos regarding chip replacement? ? Thanks for any additional info

21.02.2017 1966englandloyal

I just ordered one of these after looking at the reviews, looking forward to using it

19.02.2017 Marcelo Serres

Hi, nice video, do you know how much paper grammage supports this printer? ? ? ? I m looking for a printer to make some printed advertising for my company, and i need to print in a paper with more grammage something more than gr thanks in advance,

18.02.2017 Michele Hoover

Thanks for the video! I just got this printer and love it! However i can t figure out how to choose photo sizes x, x, . Any suggestions?

16.02.2017 go4goldnyc

Do not buy this printer. I have one and to replace the toners cost as much at the printer.

14.02.2017 Josh Haney

Hello, my partner and i recently purchased this printer to print our product labels. When i print to a normal sheet of paper they come out okay. I held the paper up to the label sheet and it was matched perfectly. However when i put the label paper in the printer it was about an inch off of each label. Can you assist with this issue? I m going through to many labels and ink. . . I tried manual and normal feed and the same thing happened.

12.02.2017 Laura Dawe

Hi! I love this printer but am now facing the prospect of replacing the toner. Is there a way to see if i need to replace every single color or just a few? Thanks! Ld

09.02.2017 Handerson Barros

Can this printer print both side?

07.02.2017 Skull

Hi! I m thinking in buy this printer. Can i use glase paper of grams with this?

04.02.2017 Vincent Abrams

Can it print on card i. E. To gsm?

02.02.2017 Activa Publicidad

Es una grandisima porqueria