Купить картридж для принтера hp designjet z2100 photo

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21.10.2017 Paledaddy

Buy a z designjet, colors. . Blacks, rgb colors and cmy and one light color and a gloss enhanser to ridequre bronzing. And heey, wtf. . You get what u see on the monitor. . Bull. . . You still have to calibrate youre monitor and have a proofing solution to make it accurate. There are models that coms with all that software an extra spectrometer for monitor calibrations! !

18.10.2017 C Crosby

Interesting. Nobody notice that he s talking about the version but that s the version in the video?

17.10.2017 Manasse Nicaisse

Great catch!

14.10.2017 KINGFISHMB

Does this work with vista yet? Specs do not list vista as compatible.

13.10.2017 David Hixon

I have used this at national geographic for canvas prints and museum prints. Excellent quality, and with the right ink and canvas, the ink does not run. In fact, i ran my prints under running water for half an hour, and none of the inks ran at all! An amazing printer! Worth every cent!

11.10.2017 Nabil Ahmed

Bulk ink systems are great. . . But some companies are just after money. . Like lexmark. . . Every print reminds me to buy ink! ! !

09.10.2017 ASR

How much this cost

08.10.2017 Candido

I don t want something i print to look like what s on my monitor, i want it to be better.

05.10.2017 fcknewworldorder

Ankit dont sent matter to you high cost for you

03.10.2017 Moral Impresiones Graficas

Greetings, the machine is excellent please how much? , easy installation, the inks will meet here in peru, to recharge you can imagine, support, etc. And my email is morillasimport. Com

02.10.2017 Goth Pop TV

It haz spectrophotometer lolz! And what that means is. . . Fucking smoothtalker. . . Nobody needs that shit and it breaks all the time. Hp aint the future, they re the dinosaurs!

30.09.2017 Carlos Servin Ayala

Gotta love logan!

27.09.2017 basilleonardo

I m finding this printer does not recognize the computer does not find it a computer with any of the newer operating systems. Can you tell me the most recent os that it will recognize? Xp maybe? Windows ? Is there a work around? Frustrating to have this beast around with limited access.

26.09.2017 Mike big man

Anyone know why i cant print full size graphics on my z inch printer? Well they start out full size but at about inches its all cut off. The preview shows the cut off too. Changed everything and tried a lot of different drawing programs they all cut off at inches. I changed the printer settings to inch x still stops printing at inches. Any help would be great thanks