Принтер цветной лазерный купить samsung

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05.03.2017 Creator Detected

T anks. Lasers win.

04.03.2017 Kwischan Wion

Can a laser printer print on a non stick paper or plastic?

02.03.2017 Ayaz Anas

Thank u very much now i will buy laser printer

27.02.2017 TechWizPC

Can lasers print on transparency sheet? You know the clear plastic ones? Or will the plastic melt?

25.02.2017 Random

I have a pigment based r ink jet printer and you can leave this printer idle for weeks and not have the ink dry up. I ve not had to continually had to clean the print heads either. It has the advantages of a laser printer but it can do so much more.

22.02.2017 Goldie Kasmikha

Thank you

19.02.2017 Vicki The Vlogger

Will the ink smear with alcohol copic markers? My ink jet does well now but tired of buying cartridges.

16.02.2017 Lalit Singh Radhey Radhey

Very nice

14.02.2017 Anders Zidane

Very informative video

12.02.2017 Mario Bennett

Great video great information

11.02.2017 Audun Jemtland

When printing, laser or ink. . . . Does photos become better if you make the printer print slow vs. Fast? When it s taking it s time, does it yield a better result?

08.02.2017 Krishnasamy Nagalingam


07.02.2017 Rakesh Kundu

I like the laser printer.

05.02.2017 Dawn Grant

One of the first videos ive watched after hours of searching that actually have the printers printing and i could actually see how the printers print

04.02.2017 Jan Pohořelický

Great, just great! ! ! Thanks a lot.

03.02.2017 Rajat Jhingan

Best video! Great. Sir, u explained really well. Thanks

02.02.2017 r3dLands

Omg thank you so much for this vid, i know what to get now, a color laser printer to print my reports and inkjet for photos, envelopes, a. . Etc. Just need to print a colored test page everyday to keep the inkjet nozzle from drying out.

31.01.2017 Mitchy Boy

Great vid thanks a lot

28.01.2017 Patrick Oliver Bustamante

I thought hes going to race the printers to see whose the fastest.