Где можно купить картридж для принтера hp 655

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19.10.2017 Kevin Kirko

Where i can buy refill package?

18.10.2017 Arman Bintad

Because of epson eco tank, we are just using bottles now to refill printer ink like a water tank.

15.10.2017 PHSF Vaporden

Link to buy kit? ? ? ? ? ?

13.10.2017 Jordan Hagan

But a ciss

12.10.2017 Saud Siddiqui

The most cost effective alternative is to purchase a laser printer. Printed images may lack the contrast, but you can get , pages on a brother toner drum available for on best buy.

10.10.2017 kimber chow

Hi! Which product did you use? There are so many to chose from on amazon. . . Anyone else know? ?

09.10.2017 Necromancer 77

Very helpful. Thankyou

07.10.2017 Mohdshariff Jaffar

Pls adv my hp printer is making loud noise at the ink storage area wen i am printing n i noticed some spillage at its base tks

05.10.2017 iveco555

Does printer have sensor to sense the color or it just assumes it by reading chip?

02.10.2017 Akash khanna

Plz tell which ink to be used in office jet pro all in one printer and from where to buy it

30.09.2017 Curves4Days

Thanks for this video this sure did help me out a lot and also saving a little money from buy more ink cartridges thank you

29.09.2017 Steven Hoelderich

You re asking for trouble it s no good for your printer! ! ! !

27.09.2017 Teri shaw

You can buy replacement ink cartridges on aliexpress for all models of hp printers for u. S dollars which includes the black and the colour cartridges. Free shipping too.

24.09.2017 James Leatherbarrow

Where can i buy this kit nobody has said yet?

21.09.2017 nublackmusic

All i did was make a mess. Still trying to get the ink off my hands. Gonna try the refillable before i toss the whole thing.

19.09.2017 Robert Brunston

Very informative vedio! Thank you.

16.09.2017 lclover77

Well done mate. . . And thank you

14.09.2017 zazke girotron

Is the ink pigmented or uv?