Купить картридж для принтера кэнон 2700

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16.10.2017 six3productions

How do you seal it before it goes in the printer? Will it leak if the ports are not sealed?

15.10.2017 Iacopo L

Can i use dye ink or has to be strictly pigment ink?

13.10.2017 Marvin Woo

Hi, we produce pigment ink for these printers in china, please contact me for details.

11.10.2017 winter jon

Hi where i can buy eco filling tool thanks

09.10.2017 OctopusConcept

Winter jon the eco fill tool can be purchased from octopus http www. Octopus office. De en shop details c tools equipment for ink refill p eco fill spritzenset mit fuellspitzen fuer canon pgi refill

07.10.2017 Serdar ÖZGÜL

Have to change cartirdge chips? How can we pass this problem? Is it possible to reset? Thank you

05.10.2017 Buntu Eric

I am really scared with my printer it still new maxify m cartridges are xl because the cartridges are expensive

04.10.2017 Buntu Eric

I am scared of damaging the printer

03.10.2017 studiousnr

Hello, i have mb which uses series cartridge, are they refillable? Directly? Some where i read there is chipset settings and even if y refill it will show empty. I just bought new and for home use so i am thinking was it a good buy, i got at a low price offer

30.09.2017 SGX Centre 2

Will it work on the pgi for the maxify ib ? Do you happen to know how cartridges can be removed when they are not yet empty? When i was setting up the printer for the st time i bought it only yesterday, a message popped up that i cannot remove the cartridges unless they are empty.

28.09.2017 MARP SOFT

Hola buenas noches. . Tengo una maxify mb y al ponerle cartuchos rellenables me aparece error b . Podran ayudarme? Gracias

25.09.2017 Vũ Thế Khoa

Hello. How to refill pgi catridge

23.09.2017 Pablo Quintero

Buena. Que pena! ! Tengo una mb como hago para desactivar los niveles de tinta para los cartuchos originales. Gracias

21.09.2017 Abraham Flores

Good! Se puede hacer esto con cartuchos originales de canon maxify mb pgi ? From mexico. . . Than you! !

20.09.2017 Fernando Augusto Franco Rocha

Hello friend, do i empty the air before filling the cartridge?

19.09.2017 kênh Khám Phá

How many pages can i print until ink absorber full, if it is full how can i reset the counter, is it important or just skip it, thank you very much.

17.09.2017 Techne82

It is really not clear how i can force the printer mb to ignore the ink level warning. Error even thow i will refill them, the cartridge chip will continue to give low ink level. Pressing stop even for seconds does not help.